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Project Examples: TransOlympic Engineering, Inc. are experts in Civil, Structural, Commercial, Residential, Municipal, Defense, Port and Marina work and has extensive, relevant experience specifically related to these projects. We work as consultants and designers retained by clients to work through the design development, schematic design, construction document and specifications preparations, bid, construction administration and project close-out.  Relevant projects are listed below:


Narrows Marina – Marina On-dock Sewer Pump-out and Sewer Extension         

               Tacoma, Washington                                                                                

 We performed the design of a new on-dock sewer pump-out station on the existing dock.  The design included new connections, utilities and extending a shore side main line approximately 700 feet to serve the new project.  Funding was obtained through a grant from Washington State Parks. We assisted with feasibility studies and project estimates.  We designed and detailed the framing modifications to the existing floats to attach the new unit.  We worked with the client to assist with project permits for three jurisdictions and several resource agencies.  

Willapa Regional Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Raymond and South Bend, Pacific County, WA                                        

Project includes the design and analysis of sheet pile temporary shoring for the aeration basins, aerobic digesters, secondary clarifiers and equipment buildings for a sewage treatment plant upgrade that serves the cities of South Bend and Raymond Washington.  The project includes challenging soil conditions, high groundwater tables, nearby construction pre-loads and surface drainage to contend with.  Submittals were prepared for all aspects per the project specifications.

On-call Services Project Management and Project Scoping – Port of Olympia

Olympia, WA                                                                                      

We were retained to perform technical studies, evaluate life cycle costs, conduct facilities inspections, recommend upgrades, and provide cost estimates used as inputs into the Capital Facilities Plan.  Engagements so far include defining scope and costs for commissioning agents for the Cascade Pole Treatment Plant upgrades, condition analysis and seismic evaluation of an existing service station and mini-mart, including site features and mechanical equipment, and generating condition reports and cost estimates for the replacement and upgrade of the port peninsula storm water system.

Washington State Military Department – Montesano Armory Paving and Storm Water Upgrades

Montesano, WA                                                                                        

We performed the civil design, storm water, grading and paving plans for a parking facility over the top of a critical well-head protection area.  The fast track design and permitting was completed in three weeks.

Navy Base Bangor Kitsap – C-Pool Lot Storm Water Treatment System Upgrades and Paving

Silverdale, WA                                                                                  

We performed the civil design, storm water, grading and paving plans for a parking facility used for heavy maintenance vehicles adjacent to a critical wetland area.  The project included design and specifications of a flow splitter, oil water separator, shear gate valve to protect against accidental discharges to the storm system.

Murray Morgan Bridge SR 509 Wire Rope Replacement

Tacoma, WA                                                                                                         

Project included the analysis and temporary supports of the moveable bridge deck while the wire rope supports and bridge machinery were removed and replaced.   The scope includes load planning for construction loads, ensuring that concentrated loads do not overstress the existing bridge members.  Also included is the design of anchorage points for new lifting assemblies to hoist new members into place.  Submittals were prepared and approved by WSDOT for all aspects per the project specifications.

Port of Grays Harbor – Westport Viewing Tower Structural Assessment, Rating and Study

              Westport, Washington                                                                             

 The scope of work included ultra-sonic, non-destructive testing of a steel and timber viewing tower overlooking the jetty.  Results showed that the tower required extensive repairs or replacement.  The scope of work also included cost estimates and evaluations for each option.   We were subsequently awarded the structural design for the replacement tower.

Mosquito Creek Fish Passage

Montesano, WA                                                                                                               

Project included the design and analysis of a steel girder detour bridge, pile supported abutments, sheet pile wing walls, sheet pile temporary shoring and re-alignment of the traffic lanes of Highway 101 between Cosmopolis and Raymond Washington.  The bridge included a timber deck, asphalt paving, lateral bracing and traffic barriers.  The fast-track design and analysis was done in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Specifications. Submittals were prepared and approved by WSDOT for all aspects per the project specifications.

Port of Grays Harbor – Westport Marina Boat Launch Replacement                       

                Aberdeen, Washington                                                                             

We performed the design of two replacement float sections for the existing boat launch damaged by wind and weather.  I scheduled surveys and performed a design using new floats, while retaining existing piling.  I assisted with specifications and project manual, bid services and construction administration during the project.

Port of Grays Harbor – Terminal Three (T-3) Lighting Study and Repairs                               

  Aberdeen, Washington 

We performed the site survey to evaluate the condition of existing light poles, prepared a report, designed and detailed repairs for the poles and cross arms used for lighting upgrades in a high wind zone.

Benedict – Burns Custom Residence Site and Frontage Improvements                             

Shelton, Washington                                                                                     

We performed the Civil Design for a new wood framed custom home included storm water design in accordance with Washington State Department of Ecology 2005 Storm water Management Manual, site utilities, grading, paving, and frontage improvements.  TransOlympic Engineering also was the structural engineer for the project.

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